Magento to Shopify Plus

Vix Paula Hermanny

Proof that replatforming from Magento to Shopify Plus can still be sexy.
Vix Paula Hermanny

A conscious decision to compete in the ecommerce space on an outdated platform is a commitment to pitfalls and risk. ViX Paula Hermanny made the choice to upgrade and seamlessly migrated from Magento to Shopify Plus.

A collaborative relationship.

Aiming to deploy an MVP storefront before holiday season, BVAccel and Vix Paula Hermanny's detail-oriented collaboration ensured an accurate migration of the current store with UX optimizations and product data within a 3-month deadline.

Agility with Shopify Plus.

Effortless product merchandising allows the Vix Paula Hermanny team to create dazzling combinations of swimwear pieces enabling campaign momentum without the need for development.

Work less, sell more

Futureproof your online business with the unmatched scaleability and marketing agility from Shopify Plus.

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p.s... accelerate your operational efficiencies or bust