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The Giving Keys

Through the purchase of Pay It Forward products, The Giving Keys creates employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness.
The Giving Keys

An iterative framework focused on conversion rate optimization helped The Giving Keys maximize efforts to cultivate brand awareness and boost key performance metrics.

Defining a roadmap for success.

Supported by data-driven insights, BVAccel's roadmap of usability enhancements bolstered storewide metrics related to TGK's revenue and retention goals.

Striking first impressions.

First-time visitors are presented with core value propositions, key product details and promotional offers that instill confidence in The Giving Key's mission to Pay It Forward.

Optimize your online storefront

Critical to business sustainability is a framework focused on data-driven iterations and an unwavering persistence to stay competitive.

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p.s. your storefront is never truly "complete" - there will always be opportunities for measurable improvements that affect your bottom line.