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Kopari Beauty

Say Aloha to Kopari Beauty—where every product starts with 100% organic coconut oil and is made with the purest intentions.
Kopari Beauty

Data-driven design iterations resulted in well-informed customers that make better purchase decisions - a critical factor in Kopari Beauty's revenue soaring over $1million in their first year.

Optimizing conversion over time.

In the midst of Kopari Beauty's rapid growth was a challenge to help customers recognize the benefits that existed across a trio of coconut-based product ranges. Data-driven insights combined with customer feedback led to an iterative design & development process. The result: well-informed shoppers whose purchase satisfied expectation.

Reinforcing product discovery.

Editorials associated with product bundles are displayed at the most relevant phase of discovery. These editorials are access points for customers to learn about the greater benefits when combining products.

Curating strategies that resonate.

Kopari Beauty's team utilize Shopify Sections to swiftly implement new methods of engagement; exploring unique layouts that captivate first-time visitors.

Convert well-informed customers with better product pages

Establish credibility, reduce buyer anxiety, and motivate purchase intent by helping customers make better purchase decisions.

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p.s...Failing to educate your customer leads to higher returns and customer service inquiries :(