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The one and only stuffed animal that transforms into a kids hoodie.

Contextual storytelling attracts attention, conveys perspective, and facilitates a shared understanding for a unique product concept.

Content-driven design.

A thorough content-driven design process brought to life individual personalities represented by each Cubcoat product. Wireframing the user journey ensured alignment to create deeper emotional connections instilled by refined character traits.

Elements of a brand story.

UI patterns combining color, tone of voice, illustration and typography were key elements to delivering a consistent brand story. Framing meaningful connections, from the user's perspective, found validation as user-generated content supported an adorable unboxing experience.

Inspiring a journey.

A lightweight blend of compelling content fuels product discovery, ensuring visitors embark in a narrative that ends in an adorable experience unboxing their ideal Cubcoat.

Let's build your storyline

Bring to life a unique idea and inspire deeper emotional connections through contextual storytelling.

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p.s...Transport your audience into a remarkable journey that conveys the value of your product experience.