Sure those one time flings can be fun and boost revenue in the short run but in the end don’t we all want someone who's loyal and in it for the long haul? While you still might be looking for Mr(s). Right, here's a few marketing tips to move customers from that awkward upper funnel stage to a loyal true love customer for life .

Be Yourself


It might sound cliche but it works. Customers can tell if your brand is trying to be something it’s not and honestly, it’s a turn off. So whether you're a cool kickstarter that just met its first goal for the next big thing, a mature clothing line, or a wacky cat collar designer just be you.

Once you're confident with being yourself, you can test different audiences and find the ones that are genuinely attracted to the real you. This is the baseline for establishing a loyal customer base and it allows you to brand yourself naturally.

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Make Them Feel Special


Now that you have them noticing you, let them know you care about having them as a customer. This can be done in many ways, but one of our favorites is offering immediate new member discounts when they sign up for your newsletter. This gives incentive as soon as the hit your site and shows that you're willing to give a little to gain them as a customer. You can later use these list for re-marketing.

Another great way to connect is to feature or share their product photos, assuming it’s appropriate. If a customer is excited enough to share a photo of them with your product, getting permission to repost it to your page saying thanks not only shows them you care but also encourages others to do them same which is great free branding for you!

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Let Them Know You Care About The Long Run


You have this awesome new relationship now, so don’t lose them! It’s important to let customers know you care about the long run, so don’t be lazy. Continue to update your creative and don’t let your ads run stale. Nothing kills a relationship faster than someone who stops trying. While you might find great evergreen copy, you should still continue to test new creative.

You’ve worked hard at developing this relationship so make sure to keep up on your re-marketing. You wouldn’t just stop spending time with someone for two months and then expect them to still want to be in a relationship with you, the same goes for your customers. Even if they are a multi purchase customer, keep them up to date on your latest styles or products and stay top of mind.

At this stage it’s also important not to talk to them like they are new. They know what your brand stands for and what you’re about so keep this in mind when writing ad copy with limited character limits and use the rule of “less is more.”

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Surprise Them Every Once And Awhile


By now it’s Facebook official. You’ve shared each other's photos, they're on an exclusive members list, and even a repeat buyer! You’ve built a solid foundation and they know you are in this for the long haul -- but true relationships always take work. Remember that it’s the little things that matter the most.

Little surprises for their birthday or a free gift with purchase are subtle ways to always remind them you care. Another great way to keep customers on their toes is to have a flash sale. These may be exclusive for followers on Facebook or Instagram and are sure to excite. Maybe try one this Valentine's Day with a one day flash sale for 20% off!

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If you follow these steps you are sure to find loyal customers who won’t even want to go to your competitors and will remain repeat buyers. Just remember, you only get out what you put into a relationship. One off sales might get you those flings, but building a marketing strategy around developing solid relationships for loyal customers is a sure way to maintain growth.