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CRO Design Best Practices to Kick Off 2017

What is the Dollar Value of Good Design? We talk a lot here at BVA about how to assign a dollar value to good design.  How can we convince our clients that good design is worth the cost if it is not easily reflected in their Shopify or Google Analytics accounts?  A solid brand identity and site design is invaluable.  Full site redesign testing is still pretty uncommon, as clients have to front all the resources for the redesign before you test.  Most decision makers are hesitant to do this, which is why we want to highlight how good design can actually increase conversions. There is no clear cut way to convince clients they need a design refresh.  We often...

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How to set up a successful Shopify x Amazon Integration

Feast or famine on the world’s largest marketplace is now just one click away as Shopify announces a direct integration with Amazon. This move allows business owners to center their direct-to-consumer strategy around the Shopify platform— not to mention top-funnel opportunities for awareness and acquisition. Let’s take a look at how to strategically incorporate this feature into your 2017 plan. Why should you integrate Amazon through your Shopify store? Manage your orders and inventory in one central location Reduce frustration and overhead relating to fulfillment software and opportunity cost Take control of your presence on the world’s largest marketplace Consider that last point the most important. If you think you’re not selling on Amazon, chances are there’s someone listing your...

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5 UX Recommendations For A Better 2017

In the past 5 years, design has come leaps and bounds and it’s important to stay agile, be innovative, keep testing and building upon what you know, and improve upon what is already working. Here are 5 UX resolutions for better design in 2017:

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Slackbots...So Hot Right Now

Most sentient beings like music, I think we can all agree on that. And I think if you asked, most people would say they enjoy listening to music while they work. I’m willing to bet that telling people they couldn’t listen to music while working probably wouldn’t go over well. I mean, just look what happened when the town in Flashdance told Patrick Swayze he couldn’t dance anymore (full disclosure, I've never seen Flashdance and sources tell me Patrick Swayze isn’t even in Flashdance….allegedly).

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How To Run Data-Driven Usability Testing Sessions

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